Indoor Air pollution is serious! Here's an Air Purifier Guide to help

Indoor air quality is such a big concern these days, the WHO regard it as one of the biggest threats to our lives globally, in a recent publication the WHO regional director for Europe said;


‘Clean air is a basic requirement of life. The quality of air inside homes, offices, schools, day care centres, public buildings, health care facilities or other private and public buildings where people spend a large part of their life is an essential determinant of healthy life and people’s well-being. Hazardous substances emitted from buildings, construction materials and indoor equipment or due to human activities indoors, such as combustion of fuels for cooking or heating, lead to a broad range of health problems and may even be fatal ‘

 An air purifier is an essential addition to your home or work office, it helps you to breathe cleaner air, neutralize unpleasant odours, and they can actually improve your sleep quality. However, where it is positioned in a room is really important, a lot of people just put it behind their sofas or place it in a corner so it is out of the way, and think or hope it will still work to best of its ability. This is definitely not the way to get the most effective use of your air purifier! So, once you have bought yourself an air purifier, and want to get the most out of it, you may end up asking yourself where is the best place to put this? This can be a hard question to answer, as there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. 


Where should I put my air purifier?

Firstly, I should say, that if you have an air purifier that is easily moveable then it would be handy to move it between rooms, depending on where you are. However, the majority of air purifiers work best when in open space, that has a free flow of air coming from all sides, so that it can pull air from all directions to work efficiently.

Additionally, deciding on which room to place your air purifier can be tricky. However, the most common places to keep an air purifier are, in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, but they can be used in any room the user wishes to. A few things to think about are which rooms you spend the most time in, or which rooms could potentially build up the most indoor air pollution.

As a rule of thumb a lot of office workers spend approximately 1/3 of their time at their desk, 1/3 of their time in a bedroom and the other 1/3 moving around and eating etc. so this helps to pinpoint where you can improve indoor air quality in at least 2/3s of your life!

Also, the size of the room could be a deciding factor, but this really depends on the capability of the air purifier you have, make sure to check the specifications of the model before deciding to use it in a room which could be potentially too big.

Once you have decided which room, will have the air purifier, you’ll need to determine exactly where to position it. One of the deciding factors to consider is, if there is any distinct odours or mould in the room. Because an air purifier should be placed where there is a build-up of air pollutants. You can use a device such as an air quality monitor to measure this, but we are all able to use our own sense to determine where this may be. As we can visually see the build-up of mould on a wall, or use our noses to smell where the bad odours are coming from. Another way, is if you have any allergies and tend to have more allergic reactions in a certain room, then this is literally your body telling you where to put the air purifier.

Once you have determined whereabouts in the room, you’ll place the air purifier, it is a good idea to try and raise them off the ground by at least 3 foot. As we all know hot air rises, by raising the air purifier up, not only will you capture vertical air movements, you’ll capture horizontal air too.

One consideration is access for maintenance, any unit with a filtration system will need regular maintenance, however the Teqair ionisers are extremely effective with Zero maintenance and a 10-year guarantee.

Should I buy more than one?

If you plan on having multiple air purifiers in different rooms, then there is no harm done. However, make sure the air purifier you choose is correctly sized.  Additionally, air purifiers need air flow to work, so if one is paired with another in a room, it is likely that the air is being pushed and pulled from different directions, and an air purifier won’t be able to remove all the particles if this is the case.


You may think opening a window to let in fresh air will help, but think again. Opening a window will only add to workload for the air purifier, especially in an inner-city location a large proportion of the harmful airborne pollutants come from passing traffic. opening the window is just increasing the number of airborne pollutants that the purifier is trying to remove. Remember, we can’t see most particles with naked eye, but air pollution is definitely seeping in once we open those doors or windows.

That’s why you should consider buying yourself an air purifier, such as the TeqAIR, this ionic air purifier is maintenance free and will help eliminate 99% of particles and germs, including the coronavirus! To ensure that the air you breathe, whether it be at work or at home, is as fresh as it can be!

Every air purifier works best when there is a proper cleaning routine to go with it, that’s why you should consider using our XtraSAN alcohol free hand and surface sanitiser, to help ensure a proper clean and healthy environment. Our XtraSAN does this by killing 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses! Leaving your hands and surfaces perfectly clean.

You can be sure that with the TeqAIR and XtraSAN, you are protecting yourself and those you care about

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