Is there such a thing as a COVID secure workspace?

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As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the global economy. We’re nearly one year into it, and people everywhere are still struggling to juggle the need to keep working, and the paramount importance of safety in the face of this dangerous virus. Back in September 2020, Trades Union Congress (TUC), published the results of a poll where they surveyed over 2,000 workers. Key highlights include:


  • Only 38% of workers stated that they knew that their company had conducted a COVID secure assessment
  • 42% of workers felt that they had been supplied with adequate PPE 
  • Only 1 in 4 low income workers (earning under £15,000) stated that their company had not taken any action to make the workplace COVID secure


The three statistics above makes for uncomfortable reading and questions if organisations understand the importance of a COVID secure workplace or believe they are needed at all.

Whilst not all companies are COVID secure (as highlighted by the results from the TUC poll), steps can be taken to reduce the introduction and spread into the workplace.


Being as far as possible from your customers and coworkers is vital. Make sure that you rearrange your workspace so that you maximise the space between people. It might be unpractical, but it is an essential solution to avoid spreading the disease.

Social distancing is a relatively low-tech solution, but it is one of our most effective daily weapons against the spread of COVID-19. This might require people at the workplace to be more responsible and watchful, especially when dealing with others. Specific interpersonal distancing might be required in some workplaces, depending on your industry. For this reason, it is very important to keep up with local COVID-19 prevention guidelines (more on that later).

Hand sanitiser

Make sure that you have plenty of hand sanitiser available. Keep a bottle on every desk, in the bathroom and in public areas.

Even if you work from home, make sure you keep some hand sanitiser handy: common objects such as your mobile phone are a haven for all sorts of pathogens! The XtraSAN active sanitiser is particularly to keep near by. This product offers long-lasting protection for hands, but it can also be used on surfaces effectively.
This makes it ideal to sanitise desks or chairs, for example. In addition to protecting users against Coronavirus, the XtraSAN sanitiser is a great defence against the flu, E.Coli, Salmonella, SARS, and even the common cold, among other harmful agents.

Active sanitiser products such as XtraSAN make it easier for people to implement cleaning routines and keep the workspace as clean as possible every day.

It’s also important to encourage co-workers and employees to be equally as mindful and remember to sanitise facilities and tools after using them. A combination of frequent hand-washing and hand sanitiser use should be a good habit to follow for people, especially when they need to work with others.

Face coverings

Wearing a mask may not the height of comfort, and many people think they can get away with only wearing them in front of customers. However, you should consider wearing a mask whenever you are in a public space in order to protect others, yourself, and your loved ones.

When wearing a mask it is also important to wear it properly. Covering the mouth and nose is important because the SARS-CoV-2 virus can linger in the nasal cavity and when the infected person breathes out through their nose, the virus can become airborne.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers can help you improve the quality of the air in your personal space and at your place of work. These devices are incredibly smart, cost-effective and efficient. Some devices filter the air to capture harmful substances that might be in the air in the room. The air passes through the device, then is released back, minus most of the potentially harmful things that might have been present previously. The addition of a UV light will help to eliminate the smaller particles such as viruses.

Another very effective way is to silently ionise the air with a air purifier such as TeqAir. Ionising makes the tiny floating particles much heavier forcing them to drop out of the air. This combined with cleaning all surfaces with a quality antibacterial cleaner such as XtraSAN gives lasting indoor air quality with zero maintenance. TeqAir is one of the most innovative and well-respected products when it comes to air purifiers for personal space, at home or for the COVID secure workplace.

Elevator restrictions

If your workplace has an elevator, make sure you implement some restrictions, such as avoiding crowds in the confined space and limiting the use to one or two people at a time. This might be frustrating, and it might slow mobility, but it could be a life-saving precaution.

The same applies to other small spaces or facilities that could lead to overcrowding, including escalators, or even cars and other vehicles.

Temperature scanning

An excellent precaution when considering COVID secure workplaces for public buildings and office space is the use of a crowd fever scanner. This easy to install units constantly monitor people entering a premises and measure the forehead temperature of up to 15 persons simultaneously. If anyone measures a high temperature an alarm is triggered and that individual can be assesed further. These units can also be programmed to detect masks where they are obligitory and can be connected to an access control system for total security.

Follow government guidelines

It is essential to follow current UK Government guidelines in order to comply with the specific restrictions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that public transport, as well as schools, receptions and celebrations, are covered within their own separate set of guidelines.

In conclusion, workplaces can be COVID secure whist there is no silver bullet, it is possible to maximise the safety of your environment every day by sticking to a few relatively simple guidelines, as well as choosing effective products to keep pathogens and viruses at bay.

Questions? Contact one of the Safe WorkSpaces team.

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