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Easily screen a flow of people for fever with Smart Infra Red and AI Facial Recognition

Crowd Fever Scanner

Don't leave exposure down to chance

How it works...

Un-manned operation

Can be set to detect masks and body temperature

Keep your hands soft

Identify individuals in groups

Keeps killing bacteria and viruses long after application. Leaving an active dry (non-sticky) residual film on skin and surfaces for longer lasting protection.

AI Facial recognition

Alcohol tends to irritate and dry out your skin over time. It evaporates and doesn’t protect after initial application. XtraSAN kills bacteria and viruses instantly and protects for longer by leaving a non-sticky, highly active, anti-microbial & anti-viral shield on skin and surfaces.

Not your standard hand sanitiser

Quick to install. Easy to operate.

Unlike many alternatives, it safe for a wide range of uses and is environmentally friendly. Deep clean floors, surfaces, door handles and appliances. Any waste water is harmless and can go down the drain.

Checks head temperature

Real-time Infrared Imaging

The main area of the interface is the real-time infrared image.

The software automatically recognises and frames the faces and displays the temperature.

Multi-people identification is supported as standard and the maximum number of people can beadjusted in the settings menu.

The sanitiser that is great for home...

Hospitality Venues

Office Foyer

Doctor's Surgery

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